PlayNitride shows a wide range of microLED display prototypes at CES 2022

MicroLED developer PlayNitride is showing a wide range of display prototypes at CES 2022, including two new displays.

PlayNitride 37-inch PixeLED Matrix slide (CES 2022)

The first new display is a 37-inch full-HD PixeLED Matrix panel made from tiled PCB-based microLED displays.




PlayNitride is also showing a large 89-inch 5K (59 PPI) curved PixeLED Matrix display, again made from tiled PCB panels. The 89-inch display is build from 168 tiles, and it achieves a brightness of over 2,000 nits. The 89-inch display was shown before at SID 2021.

The second new display is a 7.56" panel, that adopts quantum dots for color conversion. The display uses two blue chips and one green, where the light of one of the blue chips is converted to red via QDs. PlayNitride says that this panel achieves a very wide color gamut (120% NTSC) and a high dynamic range.

PlayNitride 7.56'' quantum-dots microLED prototype (CES 2022)

Another display on show is PlayNitride's 0.39-inch 480x270 (1411 PPI) 5000-nits full-color microdisplay, produced on a silicon backplane. PlayNitride also shows the 1.39" 472x427 circular wearable display it developed with AU Optronics and its 7.54" 114 PPI transparent microLED.

Posted: Jan 07,2022 by Ron Mertens