PlayNitride plans to reduce microLED chip prices by 95% within 5 years

PlayNitride says that in order to meet mass production goals, microLED chip prices will have to be reduced drastically. The company aims to reduce the production cost of microLED chips by 95% within five years.

PlayNitride's CEO, Charles Li, says that the main challenge right now is to reduce the cost and size of microLED chips. In addition microLED makers will have to integrate the entire supply chain - from LED wafer production and process to transfer technology, backplane production and display module fabrication. Good technologies are available for all these steps, but integration is now key.

Charles also updates that the company aims to raise $50 million this year to accelerate both R&D and production capabilities.

PlayNitride is a leading microLED technology developer, with a long list of partners including Samsung, CSoT, TianMa, RiTDisplay, AUO and others.

Posted: Jun 23,2020 by Ron Mertens