Oppo announces the Air Glass monocle AR device

Oppo announced a new "limited release" product, called the Air Glass, which is a monocle AR (or "assisted reality" as the company calls it). The device projects a 2D image for one of your eyes, and it can be attached to conventional glasses via the magnetic frame.

Oppo Air Glass photo

The Air Glass is based on a monochrome green microLED microdisplay. We do not know much, Oppo only details that it can reach up to 3 million nits (but practically it will average 1,400 nits). The device itself has a Snapdragon 4100 chipset, a 3-hours battery life (active mode) and weighs a total of 30 grams.

Oppo says that it will ship the Air Glass in Q1 2022, only in China. As Oppo calls it a "limited release", it won't be a mass produced item, it's likely to be more of a novelty concept "product".

Posted: Dec 14,2021 by Ron Mertens