Mojo Vision develops microLED-based AR contact lenses

In June 2019, AR developer Mojo Vision announced that it developed a 14k sub-pixel PPI Micro-LED microdisplay, to power its upcoming AR platform. The company now revealed that its technology actually embeds the microLED microdisplay in a contact lens.

Mojo Vision microLED contact lenses generations image (January 2020)

Mojo Vision has been in stealth mode until now - as the company finally revealed its technology and demonstrated a lens mounted to a handheld stick that you can peer through to see a demo loop comprised of green text overlaid on real world objects.

Mojo vision microLED contact lens on a stick prototype (January 2020)
Mojo Vision is already testing in-eye prototypes, and will demonstrate it later this year. The company says that in the final product the contact lens will also include batteries, chips and communication devices as can be seen on the image above.

Posted: Jan 20,2020 by Ron Mertens