Mojo Vision chosen to participate in Walt Disney's 2021 accelerator

AR developer Mojo Vision was chosen by The Walt Disney Company to participate in the 2021 Disney Accelerator. Mojo Vision is among the eight companies that will receive a three-month mentorship program that will connect them with the creativity, imagination and expertise of Disney.

Mojo Vision microLED contact lenses generations image (January 2020)

Mojo Vision's AR platform is based on microLED microdisplay technology, produced on contact lenses. In 2019, Mojo announced that it has developed a 14k sub-pixel PPI Micro-LED microdisplay

In 2020, Mojo Vision raised $51 million in its B-1 round, which brings its total funding to over $159 million.

Posted: Oct 13,2021 by Ron Mertens