In early 2018 LG Display announced that it is developing Micro-LED displays, for large-area TVs at first. It is now revealed that LGD filed for three new trademarks in the EU, and all three seem to be related to microLEDs: XµLED, SµLED, and XLµLED.

In its filing, LGD says that these trademarks will primarily be used for smartphones, but the trademarks could also be applied to laptops, tablets, wearables and VR glasses. Interestingly LGD did not say it could be applied to TVs or large-area displays, which will probably be LGD's first Micro-LED application, so it's not really clear what these trademarks really mean.

In any case, LGD will reveal its first large-area Micro-LED TV in September 2018, at least that is the company's goal. LG Display and LG Electronics filed over 60 Micro-LED patents in Korea in the last 10 years.