Shanghai-based Micro-LED microdisplay developer JBD unveiled two new Micro-LED microdisplay prototypes. First up is the JBD5UM720P-G, a 0.31" 720p (1780x720, 5,000 PPI) display that features a typical brightness of 3 million nits (!). This is a monochrome green (530 nm) display.

JBD 3 million nits 720p microLED microdisplay (CES 2020 photo)

The second display, the JBD25UMFHD-B is a higher density display, at 10,000 PPI it achieves a 2560x1440 resolution in the same 0.31" size. This is a monochrome blue (455 nm) display that has a brightness of 150,000 nits. The display's refresh rate is 360Hz.

JBD 10,000 PPI MicroLED Microdisplay (CES 2020)



Ok what is going on with

Ok what is going on with these contrast ratios?

10000:1 seems low. Isn't MicroLED supposed to be Infinite:1 like OLED?

Meaning that if a display is let's say 300 nits contrast ratio should be 300000:1 or something like that?

Also I see colors other than Blue or Green there such as White as well so how is it Monochrome Green and Monochrome Blue?