iBeam Materials shows how to deposit both FETs and microLEDs directly on flexible metal foil substrates

iBeam Materials announced that it had successfully demonstrated the ability to produce high-performance GaN Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) directly on thin, flexible and rollable metal foil substrates.

This new technology complements iBeam's microLED deposition technology (demonstrated in the video above), and these FETs can be integrated with microLED chips in a side-by-side architecture. Both FETs and MicroLEDs are deposited on the flexible substrate without any transfer process.

iBeam says that this technology enables monolithic large-area cost-effective microLED displays, and it is expected to be available for large-scale manufacturing by 2022.

In September 2019 iBeam Materials announced that it has received an investment from Samsung Ventures.

Posted: Jan 19,2020 by Ron Mertens