Danvas announced a microLED luxury digital art canvas

Luxury display maker Danvas announced its premier Series G display, for digital art collectors. The company says that the microLED display will "accelerate the world’s appreciation of digital artists and their work by validating artwork ownership through a signature NFT authentication indicator and by allowing a buyer’s entire collection to be displayed in a truly exceptional next-generation display".

The Series G, designed by the Ammunition Group, is based on a microLED display that can be deployed in a square (4x4 feet) or portrait or landscape formats (3x4 feet). We do now have any more information on the display, and if it is indeed a microLED display, which if so it is likely to be tiled.


The Series G can now be pre-ordered, with a price tag of $34,500 USD exclusive of tax and installation.




Posted: Sep 12,2022 by Ron Mertens