Epistar's chairman - MicroLEDs to be adopted first by smartwatches, but it will take 3-4 years

Digitimes reports that Epistar's chairman, Lee Biing-jye says that he estimates that the first volume application for microLED displays is going to be in the smartwatch industry - but that will still take 3-4 years to actually materialize. Volume adoption in the TV market will take at least 4-5 years.

Epistar is developing microLED epitaxy and chip technology (in collaboration with AUO) and still has challenges to overcome, mainly in the mass transfer area. The company expects to achieve reliable production capabilities within 2-3 years. Epistar needs also to improve the yield rates for microLED epitaxy and reduce costs for mass transfer processes.

In June 2020 Epistar and Lextar announced plans to establish a joint holding company, effectively merging the two companies.

Posted: Aug 10,2020 by Ron Mertens


Martin (not verified)

Wait, I'm confused. In one of your previous articles you wrote:

"Last year Taiwan-based LED producer Epistar announced a partnership with China-based LED display maker Leyard Opto-Electronic to setup a Mini-LED and Micro-LED production site in Wuxi, China, in a $142 million investment [..] and mass production will commence in October 2020."

So, will they start mass production this year or will it still take 2-3 years till they get something mass-produced?

Or does it mean their planned October mass production won't be reliable enough? But that makes no sense - usually you don't go for mass production if you don't have a reliable process.

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Ron Mertens

In reply to by Martin (not verified)

The Leyard cooperation is for microLED (and miniLEDs) large-area displays = TVs. These are easier to produce compared to wearables - the chip sizes can be larger (probably more miniLEDs in size at first) and prices are much higher as these can be high premium displays.

With wearables you have to compete with PMOLED and AMOLED displays so price cannot be very high. Also LED sizes need to be much smaller.

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