2018 is soon over - and it was an interesting year for the MicroLED industry. While there are still many challenges ahead before real commercialization can begin, it seems that Micro-LED is being developed vigorously as many in the display industry believe that this technology could be the future of the display industry.

Here are the top 10 stories posted on MicroLED-Info in 2018, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

  1. Sony demonstrate two Crystal-LED displays at ISE 2018 (Feb 16)
  2. PlayNitride to setup a $17 million Micro-LED production facility, reportedly in talks with Apple towards Micro-LED collaboration (Apr 5)
  3. Here is Samsung's 146" Micro-LED TV, "The Wall" (Jan 8)
  4. Coherent nicely summarizes the differences between LCDs, OLEDs and Micro-LED displays (Jun 6)
  5. Samsung aims to release a premium Micro-LED consumer TV in 2019 (Jul 22)
  6. Samsung to launch a 75" Micro-LED TV in 2019 based on PlayNitride's chips? (Sep 18)
  7. Reports from Korea say that LG's first Micro-LED TV is on track for a September launch (Aug 19)
  8. Innolux unveils an automotive 10.1" mini-LED display prototype (Jan 8)
  9. LG Display aims to demonstrate its first Micro-LED TV in September 2018, will be larger than Samsung's Wall (Feb 23)
  10. Samsung officially launches its The Wall Professional Micro-LED TV, starts to accept pre-orders in the US (Jun 7)

While some niche Micro-LED displays are already on the market, it will be interesting to see whether 2019 will bring us more consumer-oriented devices. In any case we are looking forward to a bright and exciting 2019!

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