AU Optronics to unveil new microLED display prototypes

AU Optronics announced that it will showcase new MicroLED display prototypes next week at Touch Taiwan 2022.

Automotive microLED prototypes, AU Optronics (2022-04)

AUO will show a rollable 14.6" microLED display, that offers a 2K resolution (202 PPI) with a 40 mm rolling radius. The company will also show a 17.3" 2000-nits 1280x720 transparent (60% transparency) microLED prototype. In 2021 the company demonstrated a smaller transparent display, which was even brighter at 3,000 nits.

AUO also says it will show a "stretchable" 141 PPI touch screen microLED panel, a round "smart knob" display (the small round display you see in the image above). It's not clear what AUO refers to as a stretchable display.

Posted: Apr 21,2022 by Ron Mertens