NanoGaN purchases micro-LED applicable quasi photonic crystal patents from Luxtaltek

NanoGaN (a subsidiary of UK-based Eipwafer foundry and substrate maker IQE) announced that it has purchased a portfolio of 54 quasi photonic crystals patents from Taiwan's Luxtaltek for $500,000.

NanoGaN says that these newly acquired patents have applications in optical components - including Micro-LED displays. Other possible applications are in the fields of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), modulators, silicon photonics, fiber-optic systems, biosensors and more. IQE believes that due to its existing in-house NIL capability, the firm is well positioned to commercialize the new technology.

Lumens starts to produce 0.57" and 100" micro-LED displays, to be demonstrated in CES 2018

Lumens logoAccording to LEDsInside, Korea-based LED developer Lumens has begun to produce small and large-area micro-LED display prototypes, and it plans to demonstrate these prototypes at CES 2018 (January 2018).

Lumens focuses on automotive HUD displays and digital signage. The small HUD display is a 0.57-inch VGA (640x480) display (either VGA or 720p, it's not clear) that uses 8 μm LED chips while the signage display is a 100" panel that uses LEDs which are 300x100 μm.

Reports suggest that Samsung to soon finish the PlayNitride acquisition

In April 2017 it was rumored that Samsung Display is set to acquire PlayNitride for around $150 million, but the deal did not materialize. According to a new report from Taiwan's LEDsInside, the two companies are at the final stage of their talk.

PlayNitride MicroLED array

In September 2017 PlayNitride's said that Micro-LED displays are not as challenging as originally expected, and the company now aims to start trial production of Micro-LED displays by the end of 2017. The company has mass transfer and placement yield rates of over 99% in its lab.

Taiwanese researchers discuss the challenges of Micro-LED displays

LEDInside discusses Micro-LED displays with five researchers in Taiwan, who detail their thoughts on Micro-LED displays and the challenges that still need to be overcome before commercialization of such displays can begin.

It seems that these researchers are very upbeat on Micro-LED displays in terms of the image quality and potential, but all agree that the technology is not ready for mass production yet.