VueReal and Continental to collaborate on automotive microLED displays

MicroLED display developer VueReal announced a partnership with automotive supplier Continental to showcase innovative automotive display designs based on VueReal's microLED technology.

VueReal did not say much about this joint project with Continental, but it is likely that Continental will develop and demonstrate microLED-based automotive displays based using displays provided by VueReal. In January 2024 Continental demonstrated its first microLED automotive display prototype, the CrystalCenter Display which is based on a 10" microLED display, but we do not know whether it was supplied by VueReal or a different microLED developer.


In 2023, VueReal announced that it has developed and started shipping high-resolution and high-transparency microLED displays to its customers. In April 2023, VueReal announced a breakthrough in its MicroSolid Printing Platform, enabling it to go below 7um LED pitch (on the wafer) for full color microLED deposition. Earlier in 2023, the company was awarded with $7.7 million to scale up its production line. In February 2024, we posted a spotlight article on VueReal.

Posted: Apr 03,2024 by Ron Mertens